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02-24-2013, 01:33 PM
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For all the posters trying to crucify Fletch for his couple mistakes, namely the hiring of the two coaches, just stop. You guys need to take a trip down memory lane and recall how things actually happened, when they happened, and why they happened. They were a risk, sure, so are many things, and calculated risks need to happen, or we would never get anywhere.

Find a solution to the problem, don't just make **** up out of thin air. Is Fletch the problem? No. Look at our roster;look at our prospects. True the coaches have not panned out, but these were very viable options at the time. They just didn't work. You're never going to bat 1000, but at least Leopold and Fletch are trying. It does take time, fyi, especially to dig out of that hole Dougy left us in.

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