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I know there not Habs players but nonetheless met a few NHL players through the years.

Three years ago, I met Sid at Pierrefonds Arena in the West-Island. He was doing a Gatorade commercial. They were supposed to lock all the doors and curtain all the windows but they forgot one. Me and my brother went in through the back door, surprisingly no security kicked us out. We watched Sid do his shoot and during break time, we both went down to see him. Sadly enough, he didn't really want to be bothered. He was just on the other side of the rink drinking water but he sent over a security guard to take the things we wanted signed, brought it to him, he signed and gave it back to the security guard to give back to us. We left on our own but it would have been nice to talk to him.

A couple of times over the summers, I've met Lecavalier, Richards and St-Louis. Mostly Lecavalier though. He comes to Pierrefonds to play shinny hockey. I got to play once with him and it was unreal. Really nice guy. Some guy accidentally collided with Vinny and somehow they both went down. I would have been pissed but Vinny got up and made sure the other guy was okay. Nonetheless, he has family that lives in Ile-Bizard and usually if you go to shinny at night, you'll see him.

Also, I'm friends with Dave Jackson's kid (NHL Ref) and whenever he refs, me and his son go downstairs to see him after the game. After we go to the garage and wait for the opposing team's players to get on the bus. Usually, it's a waiting space for family members and "important" people. I have met many players from team's like Ottawa, Boston, Washington....
The last game against Boston, Dave reffed and me and his kid went down to see the players. It's funny how the ass*oles on the ice are the nicest guys. Andrew Ference was by far the nicest, usually people just sign and go on the bus but he would actually talk to every single individual. When the bus was filled, a kid got there late and wanted a Ference signature (Ference, really?), since the windows are shaded, Ference can play it like he didn't see him but he came out and actually signed the kid's jersey. Lucic too was extremely nice. He took photos with everyone , he actually blocked a shot that game and came out in crutches, his family was there too waiting to talk to him but he still took every photo and was the last guy to get on the bus. Rask was a real cool dude too. I talked with him the longest. I was telling him how he is in my fantasy pool and he's playing great and that he is saving me from my other goalie disaster Theodore. He found it really funny and was telling me don't worry Theo will bounce back (Not counting on it). Now Marchand on the other hand, a rat on the ice and off the ice. He would take pictures but he had the face that said "Don't talk to me, I'm doing this cause I have too...." The worst was Hamilton, the kid just found out he made the NHL, was the first one out of the dressing room but just walked by everyone and said " Sorry, not today". There were so many little kids that wanted his autograph but he just walked causally into the bus.

Mind you, I'm taking a one game sample but nonetheless, just a couple of guys I've met over the years.
After the reading all this, I bet your real question is why in the hell did I take Theodore for my fantasy pool!

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