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02-24-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Icedog2735 View Post
I think crossover formats and proposal made by some on here are very unnecessarily complicated. It seems like with this alignment and the Hotstove report, 4 out of 7 teams in the "Western" and "Central" conferences will make the playoffs and 5 out of 8 teams in the "Northeastern" and "Atlantic" conferences will make the playoffs. Wild Card to me implies a baseball-style short series between the 4th and 5th in those two conferences. Divisional playoffs in the first two rounds are here whether most like it or not.
The concept of a play-in here is, by definition, unnecessarily complicated and, furthermore, punishes the fourth-place teams in divisions where it's already more difficult to land in fourth place, by forcing them into an extra playoff round that the fourth-place teams in easier divisions get to avoid.

The only way for a wild card to make sense would be to allow for the top three teams in, say, both Eastern Divisions to automatically qualify (preserving the importance of divisional standings) and then select the final two playoff spots by awarding Wild Cards to the remaining two teams (from either division) with the most points. It's simple, straightforward, and something done by both baseball and football.
Playoff matchups then are: Division winners against the two wild cards. Two seed against three seed within the division.

1A 4B*
2A 3A
1B 5B*
2B 3B

* Wild Card

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