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02-24-2013, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by SFW View Post
I never implied he was going to carry this current team to the Cup. But with the proper supporting cast, Lundqvist will do just that. The Rangers were extremely close last year. The framework of this current club is mostly the same as last year's. We ought to work with it, not implode it.

Remind me in five seasons when Lundqvist is on the decline how blowing up the foundation of a team that made the ECF and missed out on the President's Trophy by a point the year prior was a prudent course of action.
They were also extremely close to getting knocked out in the first round by the 8th seed, and then in the second round by the 7th seed. Maybe that's not entirely relevant - it's drawing straws that may or may not have been meaningful, but for as close as we supposedly were, we didn't make it easy. Moreover, I would argue that the framework is not as similar as you believe it is. Dubinsky, Anisimov, Feds, Prust, Mitchell were all playing fairly large roles. Not only are they gone, but they're replaced by strange new faces. The dynamic is changed. It doesn't matter if MOST of the personnel is the same; the dynamic is changed. The identity is changed. The impact of losing those players has changed the framework, evidently enough that this team is now severely lacking.

What if Dubinsky was a bigger leader and presence in the locker room than anyone could have guessed? And his intensity, whether he was producing or not, was invaluable to the team's psyche, because he got them riled up? What if Prust was the motor that that motivated the team every time he got on the ice and brought his energy to the game? What if AA was the lockerroom clown who provided a break in the tension in tight games that the team needed to stay calm and get the job done? This is all, very obviously, complete speculation, but it's impossible to say the framework is the same just because many of the same faces remain. Nash, Pyatt, Halpern, Asham, Powe, Miller and to some extent Kreider are new faces in the room. Gilroy wasn't here last year either. That's 8 of the 18 skaters we dress most nights. That's not really the same team at all. That's not the same frame work and it's not the same identity and this team is clearly not close to being a serious threat right now.

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