Thread: Confirmed with Link: No Suspension for Max Pacioretty
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02-24-2013, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Maliki2 View Post
1) Didnt know who was on the ice, so thats acceptable.

2) Stick your arm in my mouth,I will bite you when I can't breathe.

3) He deserved it. Faker!

4) Glove malfunction...happens all the time.

5) Fake.
That was the dumbest excuse ever. If I was the head disciplinarian of the league I would have gave him a fine for that but after hearing that lame excuse I think I would have upgraded it to a suspension for him thinking I'm stupid enough to believe that.

But maybe that's what it takes to avoid suspensions, stupid excuses? Just like everyone was saying "if the stanchion was not there, Pacioretty doesn't get injured on the play", maybe Marc Bergevin could come out and defend his player "if the boards were not there, McDonagh doesn't suffer a concussion". Call it a magnificent hockey play too. Then when Max Pacioretty has his hearing he could say hockey is such a fast sport I didn't even know that McDonagh was on the ice. I was already engaged in hitting him but he turned at the last second.

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