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Originally Posted by Tinalera View Post
Can't see Chicago being real happy with the idea that they're the only O6 team now in the "West", all other 06 teams are in east. Interesting that they've found a way to put both CLB and DET in the "East"-perhaps that's the tradeoff of having two more teams to "fight through" to get through the playoffs (all Columbus jokes aside)-visually it looks 'easier" for West teams to make the playoffs.
There is no east or west anymore. Chicago will see the other O6 teams the exact same amount as New York will. It is just the new 'northeast+FLA' conference that will be stacked with O6 teams.

This new arrangement may end up being preferable, schedule wise, for the Blackhawks. Now, in stead of getting Detroit 3 times and maybe one home game against a couple of the other O6 teams, now the Hawks know that every single year they will host each of their 5 original 6 rivals. Now Hawks fans get to see Detroit, Boston, New York, Toronto and Montreal come to town at least once a year, in addition to the rivalries that will develop in their new division, and everyone else at least (or in the positive sense, for boring, non-draw franchises, only) once a year. Instead of that second visit from Phoenix or Anaheim (no offense intended to those teams), now you are getting a visit from Montreal, New York or Pittsburgh.

Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Minnesota and Winnipeg form a pretty great corridor of travellable road trips as well. Frankly, once you get past the loss of the Detroit rivalry, I think Chicago does pretty well with this alignment.

As a Leaf fan, who's team has jumped around a bit, I think I can say that rivalries comes and go. I loved the Leafs playing in the old Norris division, but I have grown to love their current division just the same. When it comes to fans getting passionate about a certain opposing team, I find it really doesn't matter as much who the other team is so much as it is just that they are doing it to your team. A couple of nasty divisional playoff games between Chicago and the Jets or the Wild and Detroit leaving the division won't seem so terrible.

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