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02-24-2013, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by GermanJetsFan View Post
I saw your post during the game yesterday and know exactly what scene you're talking about (Thorburn) and you're absolutely right on that one. That was really a weird play by him, maybe he really was a bit scared to take a boarding call, IDK.

However, Thorburns days are counted on our roster in my eyes and he should be in the press box for Miettinen and Peluso n in the next couple of games. If nobody gets hurt and we have too many players, I'd even send him to the Ice Caps (nobody will claim him, no doubt).

I have no bad feelings about him or anything and I'm one of the users on this board that watched him play for 5 years or something now. But he was never that useless before as this year in my eyes. He's what Boulton was at the end of the Atlanta franchise. Useless and time to get rid off.
Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Ya but not every player on every team is like that. You need for certain guys to have that "role" to be like that:
Example: Thorburn as you pointed out has been lackluster there this season.
I do think our horrible PK has a lot to do with our lack of aggressiveness. Thing is, I'd much rather (and I'm sure our coaches would too) kill off penalties borne of aggressive checking than the ones we have been *not* killing off: stick infractions, gloving the puck, shooting over glass, too many men, tripping, etc. A lot of those penalties are brain fart or lazy penalties and they kill you.

If you take a penalty while being aggressive (not being stupid) it's usually the ref making a bad call and that is out of your control. See the Flyers. They were hitting us hard and often and it payed off for them in the end. We matched them somewhat in Winnipeg but not yesterday.

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