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02-24-2013, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by GermanJetsFan View Post
I saw your post during the game yesterday and know exactly what scene you're talking about (Thorburn) and you're absolutely right on that one. That was really a weird play by him, maybe he really was a bit scared to take a boarding call, IDK.

However, Thorburns days are counted on our roster in my eyes and he should be in the press box for Miettinen and Peluso n in the next couple of games. If nobody gets hurt and we have too many players, I'd even send him to the Ice Caps (nobody will claim him, no doubt).

I have no bad feelings about him or anything and I'm one of the users on this board that watched him play for 5 years or something know. But he was never that useless before as this year in my eyes. He's what Boulton was at the end of the Atlanta franchise. Useless and time to get rid off.
In fairness to Thorburn, he made a ridiculous backhand saucer flip pass to send Slater on a breakaway against Buffalo the other day. Slater scores there and not many people are asking him to sit. I know these plays are few and far between but he's a 4th line enforcer, what do we expect? Peluso isn't making that play, ever. Mitts - maybe....but replacing thorburn with Mitts leaves a significant physicality deficit. I think Mitts should only be replacing Wellwood and Peluso should only be replacing Thorburn or Tangradi.

Furthermore, aside from a dumb turnover in the FLA game, I don't think Thorburn has hurt us. Not to pick on Garret, but I think he mentioned yesterday that Thorbs fight with Simmonds gave Philly some momentum. Realistically, if you're Thorburn and a Top 6 player from the other team challenges you to fight and take himself off for 5 minutes (or the rest of the game through injury), you take that fight every single time.

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