Thread: PGT: Oilers Win 3-2
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02-24-2013, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Draw me an Elephant View Post
I don't know, 3210 points sounds like a lot to me. I mean, if a team wins 50 games in a year they will have 160,500 points at the end of the year. It sounds pretty cool, but could be a little confusing.
That wouldn't be a problem

But in all seriousness. With that point system, the Oilers would be a bit behind and closer to columbus since we have very few regular season wins. (and alot more blame on the team).

On topic. I thought the Oilers played a fairly good game last night and imo, they have played quite decent the last few games even if the results hasn't been that good. They are still a bit easy to play against and I'm very dissapointed in Eberle (above all) and to some extent RNH (since I had high hopes of him not hitting a sophomore slump). Gagner had another good game.

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