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02-24-2013, 02:23 PM
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After sleeping it off....

I am still furious about this alignment. How can you screw the Hawks anymore? I guess next re-alignment they will move St Louis to some other conference and away from the Hawks. Seriously, they move the North Stars, the move the Leafs, now the move the Red Wings? The Wings and Hawks have the most games played against each other in NHL they see each other what? twice a year? Sad, really.

If you put the Wings in the conference with Central division teams than that solves almost every problem they had. Instead they got greedy and started salivating at the thought of 4 original 6 teams in 1 conference...well great for them. Looking forward to hockey with almost every team playing a boring style of play. I hope the NHL regrets this and I hope Detroit gets screwed as not making the playoffs because their team is so fragile. Why would they want to be in a division with the Bruins and Leafs when they already have the most injury prone team in the NHL? Good luck!

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