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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
so my thoughts since last night:

- if you're going to have 2 7-team conferences and 2 8-team conferences, why not put the 8-team conferences in the EST, where you have 16 teams. Makes things a lot easier for tv and game timings. Additionally, the tougher travel in the west 'balances' with the worse playoff chances in the east.
- i dont like the idea of a wildcard round. 4/8 is fine.
- as i said last night, losing detroit will make a lot of west teams unhappy, especially chicago. That said, detroit's national tv ratings and exposure could get a huge boost playing more games in their own timezone and it could end up being a net-positive for the league.
- winnipeg in the central is fine. They dont need to be with the other canadian teams. It makes more sense to play games in their timezone (or an hour off) than to be playing a bunch of pacific time games. I suspect minnesota and chicago could develop into solid rivalries for them.
- this move might save columbus as a franchise. Playing in the 'atlantic' gives them a ton of marquee matchups against big-name teams to sell tickets at home and having more games in the EST will be a huge boon to tv ratings and exposure.
- expansion/relocation wise, this hurts QC - because it doesnt make sense to move detroit and columbus east just to move one back to the central next year (phoenix) or in ~4-5 years (expansion). On the other hand, it doesnt really say anything about GTA2. GTA2 could easily fit into the 'central', a concession that might make the leafs more open to allowing the team in the league, as southern ontarians could cheer for both teams simultaneously because the odds of a playoff matchup would be pretty long. That move would also give winnipeg an in-conference canadian rival. On the west side, it heavily favors seattle expansion, plus one more pacific/mountain TZ team if phoenix is relocated.
- Florida: giving up on the SE will be a very good thing for washington and carolina, but florida still gets a bunch of good draws with 4 O6 teams and 6 snowbird teams. The intera-floridian rivalry was always bigger than what they had with the rest of the SE anyways.
I agree with everything you said. The only caveat I would add is that, while the western teams may not like 'losing' Detroit, the fundamental restructuring of the schedule means that they are also 'gaining' that one home game against every other team. So, LA or Phoenix may be 'losing' one or two visits from Detroit, but they are gaining 5 visits from the other original 6 (plus one from every other 'marquee' east coast team).

As you said as well. this should save Columbus as a franchise. They may get drilled by the strong Atlantic teams on the ice for the foreseeable future, but just playing them will improve the strength of the franchise ten fold.

I think this alignment plan just makes an insane amount of sense. Any complaints some teams have about 'rivalries' will quickly be forgotten when the league is making record revenues next year.

And as a Leaf fan, in an eight team conference, I support just keeping the playings simple. Top 4 in each conference, never mind any cross over, wild card nonsense.

I love this alignment so much. I can not wait for next years playoffs!

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