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To answer the question in the title:
Yes it can and no, it doesn't

An explanation:
KHL clubs could see green if they all had +/- Riga Dinamo's budgets, owned their own arenas (about 12 000), the lowest ticket proce would be about EUR 30 and KHL marketing would be able to sell (not give away for pennies) TV rights. Curently, or in few years' time, all (except TV money) is probably possible only in Prague and Bratislava. It could be possible in Moscow and Saint Petersburg if people were more crazy about hockey and hockey was like religion in these cities. Other cities do not have as many people or as strong economy to afford such a cost of tickets to enter arena.

Based on Dinamo Rīga's budget, yeah... we would be green if we own our own arena that we could sell tickets for such a price and got a nice cheque from TV deals.

However KHL's goal is completely futile tries to compete with NHL and that means that budgets are increasing faster than Russia's GDP..... Therefore there's no chance it will ever happen, if we continue the same way.

At the moment all the players is KHL are overpriced... even in Dinamo Rīga perhaps. Especially so in the big clubs. But people do not want their stars to go to NHL, so they pay and will continue to pay. It's hard... because I can imagine that if you want KHL to become profitable you need to cut the budgets and cut hard, but then the stars (the few that NHL might be interested in at least) will leave. And who knows, if the budgets are comparable with other European leagues, some might just go to Swiss Alps instead of Novokuznetsk or Amur...

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