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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
How is there no East or West anymore?? A two-Conference system is still part of that proposal. It also appears to have a top-8 plan for the Playoffs, and likely 3 Rounds of in-Conference Playoffs. Though with that alignment it would mean no more ETZ teams playing against P/M/CTZ teams in the Playoffs until the Cup Final.
Where does it appear to have a 'top 8 plan'?

Friedman also said another idea that’s being tossed around involves a way to even out the playoff format in the two bigger conferences.

“Now the other thing that’s being talked about is a potential wild card for those two conferences of eight teams,” said Friedman. “That’s the players’ biggest concern. They want there to be a more even chance in those two larger conferences, and I think they’re working on some sort of wild card.”

Yes, the 'two bigger conferences' he is referring to are eastern time zone teams, they are not part of any larger structured 'Eastern Conference'.

From my understanding of the last proposal, teams would essentially play their 82 games divided by their intra-conference schedule for their own conference games, and then an inter-conference schedule for each of the other three conferences.

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