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Originally Posted by Slick Cat View Post
How did yormark get a loan from the county to pay for this? I cannot imagine the political mess that will come out once they finally determine that this ridiculous idea cannot sustain itself.
Very good post, Slick Cat. Well done. On this point, it wasn't hard to request another loan considering the members of the Commission and their ties to the Arena and the franchise. LaMarca, Ritter, Rodstrom, being the main trio with Jacobs the fourth. The only two commissioners who voted against it were Wexler and Gunzberger. Ritter abstained, given her husbands ties to the organization. Holness brought some measured wishes regarding perfomances, etc. Lieberman, Sharief, and Henry had "unique" opinions regarding the loan.

Originally Posted by Slick Cat View Post
How does tampa get a top notch scoreboard for ALL of their fans to enjoy, without getting a loan from the city -- while our team gets a loan to pay for a failed money maker, alienating the most loyal fans? and they have a Stanley cup and a much more successful product on the ice on top of it.
Well... that could be 2 reasons. One, with Vinik being the sole owner there's no complexity in having to perform a cash call for capital expenditures. Vinik saw the need and executed. Going as far as to cut the Hillsborough County Commission a break. Yet, it's a little more than just a "deep pocket" owner. Although it was a necessity, it was also a pay-it-forward/good faith gesture as there's several benefits to Vinik's advantage when dealing with the City, County, and the Tampa Sports Authority, let alone the immediate impact of fan experiences (think revenue). We'll see later on down the road what benefits greasing the wheel will have.

Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
Any reason they didnt borrow at the same time $$ for a jumbotron to serve the season ticket holder?
AG, wasn't that the original plan, or original notion of the 2nd loan request? Or at the very least the expectations we all had? Now that the Club Red loan has the Capital Improvements clause added into the measure, $500K a year held in escrow IIRC, perhaps that will be the genesis of replacing the Scoreboard at some point soon

Originally Posted by Madhatter73 View Post
They had enough success to get the loan approved...
The loan and the request for that loan came before last season's successful run.

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