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Originally Posted by BigBadBruin8 View Post
Because the Panthers in the their current situation are beneficial to the NHL in what way? You can barely get people to the arena, and you are defending division champs. The Panthers IMO are just as likely to move as Phoenix, and eventually will.
Panthers haven't won a playoff series in 17 years. There's been one season in their entire existence where they've won one. What has there been to build off? A fluke playoff appearance last year? Something ELSE to consider. The Panthers have never played their main rivals (TB) in the playoffs. Ever. So that good old fashioned hatred that Bruins fans feel towards the Habs and others? Where would that have come from? Regular season meetings in November?

Of course the BOG is shortsighted as hell. They take someone's expansion fees, but won't revenue share so they can grow these fanbases properly in areas where people weren't born loving the game. That means rinks (ice and roller), subsidizing playing fees, etc. That's how you grow a fanbase in large American cities and down the road get progressively larger TV deals. That's how the Panthers current situation could benefit the NHL. Instead we get "Here's hockey, play under our terms, and love it now" Typical NHL business strategy. Can't see more than 5 minutes in front of their face.

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