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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Okay, Now someone PLEASE answer this for me!!!

If they're still talking 4 Conferences and not 4 Divisions in two Conferences, then why the hell does Detroit and Columbus need to be separated from Chicago, St Louis, and Nashville??? The previous realignment scenario already showed that Detroit and the CTZ teams all improved immensely their travel and schedule. So what's the pressing need to have Detroit and Columbus in all "Eastern" Conferences? Detroit could easily be kept with Chicago. Hell, the Florida teams could even be added into the Central Division with Nashville and you could still have Columbus or Detroit join the East. IF there's no 2-Conferences, then there's no need for any kind of a strict East-west split of the teams.
Are you serious with this? Really? Call them Conferences, Divisions, Leagues, whatever you want. The whole thing has been about getting teams like Dallas in a division with teams from their time zone. Detroit has been wanting the East for years. They have 16 teams in the Eastern Time Zone. 2 8-team divisions made up of eastern time zone teams makes sense. Getting winnipeg out of the southeast. The league wants the regional rivalries, hence why it is done by geography. However, there is NO alignment that can please EVERY team. It is just not going to work.

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