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02-24-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
This is not what the NFL does, but ok. They want DIVISIONAL play-offs. What happens when the 4B team wins the first 2 rounds and you have the Maple Leafs as the Pacific Champs? Secondly, the conferences are NOT going to be linked the way the divisions are now and how they were in the 80s and 90s. So, in that case this WOULD be linking the conferences.
Of course it's linking two divisions into a conference. If they are going to reject the simple (and, IMO preferred) top four in each division qualifying, this is the simplest, most straightforward approach. Awarding playoff berths to wild cards within conference (NFL) or league (MLB) is precisely what those two sports do. Sports fans already understand and accept this concept. Adding "crossover" or play-in matchups is unnecessary.

BTW, how do you know for a fact that there will be no linkage between conferences anyway? At this point it's (almost) all speculation. And as for the scenario I offered, there's no way an Eastern 4B team would be "Pacific" champion. If such a team wins its first two rounds, then it qualifies for the final four. If the two qualifying eastern teams are from the same division, who cares? I still prefer straight divisional qualification and two-rounds of playoffs. But this is still better than unnecessary play-ins.

Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
If they have this wild card it will be simple. the 4th and 5th place teams will play either a play-in game, or maybe a best of 3. Whether it is done for every conference or just the 8-team conferences, I haven't seen. If it is only done for the 8-team conferences since it would be more "fair" that they only have to beat out 3 teams to get into the play-offs.
Adding an extra round of playoffs for the four seed, simply because they happen to be in a (mathematically) more difficult division in the first place, is asinine, overly complicated, and ... probably exactly what we'd expect from the geniuses running the NHL.

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