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Originally Posted by MuckOG View Post
Hasn't it been widely reported that Detroit wants out of the West and into the East? I'm fairly certain that, if the NHL had it's way, Detroit would remain in the West.
If there isn't two Conferences then there isn't a Western Conference (other than the Pacific) that Detroit would be part of. And again, satisfying Detroit wasn't the problem with the previous realignment proposal; they agreed to it.

Originally Posted by RomersWorld View Post
Yes, but that proposal was only GOOD for Detroit. This proposal is GREAT for Detroit. As long as we make Detroit happy...that is what really matters in all this. Cry and whine enough and you'll get your way apparently. But getting your way isn't enough I guess(1st proposal), they need to cater to your every need(2nd proposal).
Yes, but Detroit wasn't the issue for why the previous proposal hasn't already been adopted. How does putting Detroit in the East change those issues that prevented the previous realignment proposal from being implimented? If anything, there will likely be more teams voting against this alignment proposal than there were against the last one. And what does this alignment proposal have to offer the PA's concerns?

Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Right, and the PA shot it down. So, now they came up with this idea which Detroit likely voted in favor of, as well. We could probably come up with 100 proposals that Detroit would approve and 100 they wouldn't. They are not married to one concept.
I'm just asking how this idea changes anything for the PA. It only further improves Detroit's and Columbus' alignment scenario, which were already significantly improved with the previous proposal. Of course they're going to like this even more, but those two teams were never the issue with the previous proposal being rejected.

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