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02-24-2013, 03:23 PM
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Let me clarify my bet, it's the EXACT same one the poster Joe Sakic did in the previous game, here it is

Originally Posted by Joe Sakic View Post
Avatar is on the line for 1 week: how much ice time does Hunwick see this game?

Only acceptable answers are as follows:

12:00-12:29, 12:30-12:59, 13:00-13:29, 13:30-13:59, 14:00-14:29, 14:30-14:59, 15:00-15:29, 16:30-16:59, 17:00-17:29, 17:30-17:59, 18:00-18:29, 18:30-18:59, 19:00-19:29, 19:30-19:59, 20:00-20:29, 20:30-20:59, 21:00-21:29, 21:30-21:59, 22:00-22:29, 22:30-22:59, 23:00-23:29, 23:30-23:59, 24:00-24:29, 24:30-24:59

In 'his' past 5 games he's had (most recent game first): 24:18, 17:40, 21:04, 17:06 and 20:36.

Bonus: If you can guess the exact time you win the avatar for 2 weeks. (include the time range beside, just for clarification)

(no editing posts, if someone else guesses the same answer, the second person to guess has to make a new guess in a new post)


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