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Originally Posted by JoemAvs View Post
Getting nothing in return for Mueller and Fleischmann was both bad luck and absolutely putrid asset management on the part of Sherman. We are rebuilding here. If you don't want to re-sign the guys, you better don't trade for them. Did we have bad luck with their injuries or medical conditions? Sure we did. Still no reason to be excited about selling off Hannan and Wolski for absolutely nothing. We essentially let them walk. Very bad asset management.

Liles trade was horrid. Hejda's deal is bad but atleast he took a chance. ROB trade was ok. Hunwick was horrible (just because he blocks a roster spot) and PAP cancels out Jones. Letting McClement walk was very bad. We are a rebuilding team for christ sake...
Anderson for Elliott was putrid. How on earth do you not get atleast a 3rd from Ottawa or another team in this trade? It is not like Elliott showed anything with OTT...
Varlamov was an overpayment where he got insanely lucky and worst of all not firing Sacco and letting the ROR situation get out of hand like this.
I am very indifferent on the EJ trade even though we probably lost this trade.
I only wonder if there was a possibility of somehow substituting Shattenkirk for a lesser piece and remove the pick swap or something. In hindsight we should have traded Stastny but eh...

His only really good moves where Winnik + Gali for McGinn and Sgar (and he totally had the SJ GM over a barrel there) and probably the Downie trade.

Biggest failure:
Any GM that holds onto Joe freaking Sacco should be canned together with him immediately...
No GM was going to trade for Mueller with his Concussion history, and for Flash? Who knows, he got paid on the UFA market though.

And apparently Shattenkirk was the piece that the Blues wanted, they were apparently very high on him in his Draft year and that's who they wanted. The Avs thought that Elliott and/or Barrie would be able to replicate his Offensive stats, while keeping pace with the Defensive deficiencies that he brought to the table while with the Avs. Was it smart? Who knows, because we're seeing Barrie play with some confidence, and Elliott has all the Offensive tools, but is still very raw.

You're talking about "Asset Management" and Sherman being horrible, but then saying that the Liles trade was horrible. He did what you wanted him to do with Flash/Mules. The Avs decided that Liles wasn't in the plans anymore, and got a 2nd round pick for him, that was then used to get Varlamov, I like that deal.


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