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02-24-2013, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by the overrated View Post
I think targeting the show towards the casual fan is a poor idea - casual fans don't tune in 30 minutes early for a pre-game show, and don't stick around after for the post-game show. A lot of them don't even care that much about the intermission periods ... casual fans don't want to see slow-mo breakdowns of how a play was set up, IMHO.

Plus, even if the casuals are the target audience, having stale/not-that-entertaining hosts isn't going to encourage them to tune in. And I think that at this point, Arnold & Kluzak are both stale and dull.
Agreed, they're somewhat stale and dull, but I think, to put myself in their shoes for a moment, it must be tough to figure out what the audience wants exactly. If they scanned our board as an indicator of audience desires and reactions, they'd be left completely confused. On the one hand, we ask for entertainment, but then when we get it, in the form of Felger, we pan it as a d-b, b.s., know-nothing act. We're a tough crowd to please, and a schizophrenic crowd to boot.

The fact of the matter is, it's not easy to find a perfect combo of entertainment and knowledge in any sports journalism, and hockey is no different. The guys who are entertaining tend to be guys who have ridiculous, polarizing personalities. They are guys willing to act, talk or dress in ways that flout good taste or proper hetero male behavior, or both: Jack Edwards, Jon Gruden, Pierre McGuire, Michael Felger, Mike Milbury, Don Cherry... These are the entertainers. Most of these are very knowledgeable indeed. But they're rare birds, and the ones who combine entertainment and knowledge rarer still.

I think Pederson and Kluzak are fine. They break down plays. They're x's and o's guys, what more do people want?

Dale just needs to get out of the suit, out of the studio, and go down to ice level to hang out with Naoko and Haggs. Grab grab a beer between periods, Dale, go out there and enjoy yourself. Grow a stubble. Interview Julien or something. Pair up with Holley for the post-game commentary. Try it out. Shake up the lines.

Naoko is fine and seems to have good rapport with the B's, but just needs to stop feeding answers so much. (e.g.: "Coach what does it say about the character of this team that they were able to bounce back at the end there"). Post-game interviews are not easy to do, but they shouldn't be perfect echo chambers either (must say though, Julien is a reporter's dream interviewee; he is as collaborative, good-natured, and helpful as they come). Study Craig Sager, Naoko.

Not everyone will agree with these suggestions, but I think this is what we should be doing: offering constructive criticism. The fact of the matter is, some of these TV folks we're talking about may be reading this thread at this very moment.

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