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02-24-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Orpheus View Post
PS4 comes with a camera (two in fact!) as well, but I expect it to be less crowbared in than Kinect. The examples they've used for it are aiming and detecting where your controllers are in a virtual space, although it could have Kinect type functionality if Sony really wanted to add it.

The reason I'm sicking with Sony is because they are the only one going "By gamers, for gamers" this gen. That and I trust Mark Cerney, he may be the most influential game designer ever not named Miyamoto, except he has done more for game production and also builds hardware far better. With him as the main architect behind the PS4, it's a must buy for me.
I went with Wii/360 combo last gen and regretted it. 360 lost so many exclusives and went Kinect crazy the last few years while PS3 had tons of games I wish I could have played (Uncharted, Heavy Rain, LBP, GoW). I hate the fact Kinect must always be on for the new xbox to work. I have no interest in motion games. I am 90% sure I'm jumping to Sony next gen...unless the price difference is too big between the two, which I doubt.

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