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02-24-2013, 03:42 PM
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This is how I would like to see it set up (including bringing back the old names)....

Campbell Conference
Smyth Division
Anaheim (25pts)
Vancouver (24pts)
Phoenix (19pts)
San Jose (19pts)
Los Angeles (18pts)
Edmonton (17pts)
Calgary (15pts)
Seattle (Exp. Team)

Norris Division
Chicago (31pts)
St. Louis (22pts)
Nashville (21pts)
Dallas (19pts)
Minnesota (18pts)
Winnipeg (15pts)
Colorado (15pts)
Columbus (12pts)

Prince of Wales Conference
Adams Division
Montreal (26pts)
Ottawa (24pts)
Pittsburgh (24pts)
Boston (22pts)
Toronto (22pts)
Detroit (19pts)
Buffalo (13pts)
Quebec (Exp. Team)

Patrick Division
New Jersey (24pts)
Philadelphia (19pts)
Tampa Bay (19pts)
New York Rangers (18pts)
Carolina (17pts)
New York Islanders (17pts)
Florida (14pts)
Washington (13pts)

I think this structure makes a far better geographical sense. The old SW teams fit better together. Before it was lumping the so-called Atlantic teams together with North and South together and than makes no sense. This way you have teams from Florida to New York together, and then the Pittsburgh up to Canada together. Pitt is the one move that some may question, but it makes much more sense to me to put Pitt and Detroit in the Adams then adding more travel to the 2 Florida teams up to the North.

A note on Exp Teams:
I am not a fan. I don't think further dilution of talen is a good plan.
Lots of players are staying in Europe and Russia. If they were all coming here in droves and there was no KHL, I may feel differently, but that is not the case.

I could care less if one division has 7 and the other 8 especially if you play divisional playoffs. I included potential expansion teams in Quebec and Seattle.

Playoff structure...
Top 4 from each DIVISION make playoffs 1 plays 4 and 2 plays 3

Winner of 1 & 4 plays winner of 2 & 3 for Division Title.

Winner of each division title play each other for Conference Championship.

Winner of Conference championships play for the Cup.

This is how it was done for many years with the original names being brought back.
Screw it if some people in middle American "don't get it." There is a history to the game that I think is often lost, and the elegance of what is was is lost is should be brought back.

I believe the divisional playoffs will go a great deal father to pushing the original rivalries over the 1-8 setup that we now have.

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