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02-24-2013, 03:42 PM
Eagle Claw
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Yeo i showing several kind off ineptness

He dont know **** about powerplay, he cant fix it he dont know what to do about it and clearly dont give a **** about it
Not playing brodin the BEST skating defense-man on a powerplay that looks like 5 pub sunday skaters powerplay is infuriating

And the team feels it can play soft **** with out any real
punishment every 3 game and almost every 1 period at least

That does not sound like a nhl coach with players 100% trust
Why does the team not have 100% in the tank to perform for yeo? players have to know that their lackluster displays make yeo look bad really bad shouldn't the effort there if they care about their coach???

yeo has to be some infuriating control freak that true this picky ness infuriates the
players and thereby cause the lackluster displays because the amount off commitment for the cause is not where it should be

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