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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
Judging by Ola's post he is going based off of one game recently. Beacon was going through multiple recent games and doing an analysis that said "wow he sucked earlier but it's night and day the last week and a half." That would explain the difference. What I gather from all of this is "McI has seen massive improvement this year so far but still needs time before being NHL ready. Based on his development so far he could be one helluva defenseman" Seems fair
I am going by one game! Never said anything else.

I am not shooting down Beacons reports.

It's great to hear that McI is playing more in other games, the game I saw he did not get much time. But Emminger was down for that game. It was the 3rd game in 3 nights -- and so forth. I saw that Beacon made alot of positive reports from that weekend, so I picked the game on the 17th, but goin back and looking more closely, he raved about his game on the 16th and morning of the 17th.

McI wasn't bad in the game I saw him in. I have high expectations on him. He is a 10th overall pick. He could play as a goon in the near future, but then, and I think Beacon agrees with me, you jump over a step in his development. He is definitely not overly raw in any way, I think McI is much better defensively than Jessiman was offensively for example.

But there is no short cuts or handicaps for McIlrath. I mean, if McI is 75% the defensive player as Sauer was, we will get 75% of what we got from Sauer when McI is on the ice. And that is not that great.

I want McI to become a Sauer that can fight and scare people coming across our blueline.

It's not fair to compare McI to Staal and co, but he got some potential defensively AND overall -- and we need to take advantage of that. Hence I definitely want him getting alot of I've time in HFD for quite some time.

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