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02-24-2013, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by azaloum90 View Post
I don't like this...

Seattle has a VERY slim chance of working.... They won't even be the primary tennants of the new building, which hasn't even broken ground yet, meanwhile Quebec's arena will be 12 months into the process of building by the time they do break ground in Seattle... Lastly, There has been TOO much talk of seattle, which leads me to believe that this entire relocation to seattle will never happen...
1. Who cares they won't be the primary tenant? Many NHL teams share arenas with nba teams. Not sure what the point of this issue

2. Quebec is 12 months ahead, but both are scheduled to be ready by the start of the 15-16 reason, another non issue

I still see Hartford as a viable market in the next 3 years...

Lastly, Mr Bettman does NOT want an NHL team playing in Key Arena..
3. Ahh there it is, Hartford supporter.

4. Link? There has been reports that the NHL would be okay with that. They let the yotes play in American west arena.

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