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02-24-2013, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post
No GM was going to trade for Mueller with his Concussion history, and for Flash? Who knows, he got paid on the UFA market though.

And apparently Shattenkirk was the piece that the Blues wanted, they were apparently very high on him in his Draft year and that's who they wanted. The Avs thought that Elliott and/or Barrie would be able to replicate his Offensive stats, while keeping pace with the Defensive deficiencies that he brought to the table while with the Avs. Was it smart? Who knows, because we're seeing Barrie play with some confidence, and Elliott has all the Offensive tools, but is still very raw.

You're talking about "Asset Management" and Sherman being horrible, but then saying that the Liles trade was horrible. He did what you wanted him to do with Flash/Mules. The Avs decided that Liles wasn't in the plans anymore, and got a 2nd round pick for him, that was then used to get Varlamov, I like that deal.
Agreed, there was nothing he could've done on Flash. Dude went down with two pulmonary embolisms right when he was playing fantastic hockey. You can't trade an injured player. We can argue all we want whether Sherman should've retained him (personally I think the Avs made the right decision there) but to say we should've traded him is just plain silly. Avs at least flipped an expiring asset (Hannan) for short-term gains. That's good asset management. As for Mueller, again, don't see what you would've gotten for him.

HOWEVER, I say again the failure in asset management was not in trading away or letting key players like Liles, Mueller, and Flash walk, it's failing miserably to address the holes made in the lineup with those departures. If you keep Liles for one or two more seasons, he at least helps the team transition to Barrie and Elliott. Diss the guy all you want, but acquiring Brisebois took a ton of the puckmoving and PP QB duties off Liles and allowed him to develop at a normal pace. Now? Barrie and Elliott are being expected to spark a completely anemic offense. And even if Wilson and Johnson were still in the lineup, it still would be asking two rookies to do too much.

Also, I fail to see the logic in retaining Shane O'Brien when all you're going to do is scratch him continually. I don't care if he came into camp drunk with a stripper on each arm, I don't see why in hell he's not playing over guys who have done absolutely NOTHING out there. Re-signing him was a head-scratcher this offseason and it's downright exasperating now.

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