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02-24-2013, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by The Wheeled Winger View Post
On the topic of sense, I'm rather surprised you didn't have more to say re regarding my speculation that the Detroit move is in part to placate people that were unhappy before. If the "unhappy 4" were Toronto, Montreal, Florida, and Tampa bay, giving them Detroit makes a lot of sense. Compare that to whom a Detroit move would possibly be undesirable:

Chicago: May be more indifferent than you think. Compared to what is currently in use, even with less Detroit this is still a massive improvement for them. Wirtz May be inclined to play along rather than jeopardize it. Chicago can certainly self sustain.

Nashville and st. Louis: the two big whiners in this, most likely. They're far too reliant on Detroit for their own success.

Columbus: if Detroit goes, they go. And the Atlantic teams should be as much if not more of a boon to them than Detroit plus Chicago. The other current central teams are irrelevant to their financial success.

Winnipeg: too busy being happy about having a team, and too busy being sold out the next few years.

Minnesota: might care, and powerful owner, but see Chicago. I suspect Leopold prefers the other gains to Detroit.

Colorado: wouldn't mind Detroit, but also doesn't mind not seeing any etz or ptz teams.

Dallas: see Colorado. They're one of the biggest winners, too much at stake to protest lack of Detroit.

So to me it looks like Toronto and Montreal (plus maybe the two Florida teams) vs two not very powerful Midwest teams (plus maybe a couple others of the same mold). I know who wins that battle.
Just on this note, I believe the unhappy four were the Florida teams, Montreal, and the Rangers. So Toronto didn't need any "appeasing".

And to once again repeat the other point: The previous proposal wasn't rejected because 4 teams voted against it.

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