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Originally Posted by Avs71 View Post
He was also -11 and on pace for 46 points. I don't know, the offense would have been great but that is a lot of minuses. At the point the Avs traded him he had 2 points in his previous 11 games and was -5. It is hard to say if he would have reached that 46 point pace if he stayed with the Avs. With the way the team was trending, as well as Shattenkirk, his rookie season could have looked a lot different. Most notably that +/- could have been a train wreck.
Sorry if it's a discussion killer, but I'm one of those people who puts zero stock into +/-. Zero. The only possible usefulness of that stat, is to use it to compare: 1) Players on the same team, 2) at the same position, 3) with similar responsibilities. So, comparing Shattenkirk's with Liles' that season is as close to pertinent as that stat comes. But in general, it's completely useless. And a quick glance tells me that all of the defensemen had pretty bad +/-'s. *shrug*

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