Thread: Confirmed with Link: No Suspension for Max Pacioretty
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02-24-2013, 04:22 PM
Ayatollah Chowmeini
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
Isn't there a clause in the constitution that says everybody has the right to have a fair trial, and be allowed to actually participate at said trial?
Applying constitutional law to this would be problematic. You're talking about the Sixth Amendment which ensures right to trial by jury of peers. Would that mean you'd get a jury of other power forwards to make the call?

More interesting would be application of the Fifth Amendment, prohibiting self-incrimination. So if Shanny called Patches and Patches was all like, I can't say what happened because it would be incriminating so I plead the fifth.

But considering that time and again criminal law has not been applied to on-ice incidents (only time I can think of was Bertuzzi, which was clearly premeditated assault) and that professional sports leagues are provided anti-trust exemptions by Congress, you might be looking to the wrong legal codes.

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