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02-24-2013, 04:29 PM
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To be an otters fan at this point is becoming impossible.
This team won 10 games last year but alright that was excusable seeing that we were so young and with no experience but to win 17 games this year is not acceptable. Bassin should be embarrassed
The otters always say they are rebuilding And it never works
They have a decent season then a good season with expectations (like a couple years ago) but then they blow it in the playoffs, and they put everything in that season and the following year they suck (like last year)
It's the same cycle: 3 awful years followed by 1 or 2 decent years then maybe 1 above average year and it then starts all over
It's pathetic
So even if they are good in a year or 2 it won't matter because the following 4 years will be just as frustrating as they are now
Bassin give up the game because you are hurting the little left fan base in Erie

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