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02-24-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by vstk View Post
The question in my mind is, why people keep telling short training camp is one excuse for this poor performance?

It was a short training camp for every single team in NHL. That is not an excuse of any kind.
There's a difference between it being an excuse for poor performance and it being a reason for poor performance. It being an excuse means that it absolves everyone of blame. It doesn't, but IMO, it's a reason that this team is doing so poorly. Every single team didn't have the turnover NYR did. High turnover means people need to get used to each other as people and as players before they're completely comfortable. It means the team system and identity needs to be tweaked to fit the new guys. It means that the games where everyone can play and coaches can tweak without losing any points (preseason) are hugely important.

I see a bunch of guys who aren't sure about what their teammates are going to do, and that gets in the way of passing tape to tape or standing up for one another after dirty hits. I see a system that asks certain guys to dump and chase and others to skate the puck in try to make plays. The players don't know each other well enough and the system hasn't been properly adjusted to the new guys. Starting on time, having a normal camp, having a preseason, and having 82 games would all be hugely helpful to this team right now. Those things didn't happen. It doesn't take the responsibility away, but it offers an explanation IMO.

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