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02-24-2013, 04:40 PM
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Friedman: “That’s the players’ biggest concern. They want there to be a more even chance in those two larger conferences, and I think they’re working on some sort of wild card.”

While the potential wild card format hasn’t been worked out, Hockey Night in Canada’s Glenn Healy thinks it would be beneficial for a couple of reasons.

“The wild card is great for the players because that’s revenue and they’re going to get half of that money,” said Healy. "The other big thing, you talk about revenue, playoff rivalries, I mean having Detroit play Toronto; they haven’t played since the 90’s, it is all good news.”
That's nice. Appease the players with more money and then perhaps they'll not bother to complain about there being uneven chances with the larger Conferences. I wonder if the players realize that only the teams involved in that wildcard play-in will get that extra money, and that they'll actually have to play more games to get it.

And secondly, I still don't see how having a "wildcard" play-in to the Playoffs evens out anything. Those play-in games will be at least just one more game that those teams have to play, one more opportunity at injuries, and less time to rest up for the actual Playoffs. Regardless of whether there are 7 teams in a Conference or 8, all of those teams play 82 games. And the % making the Playoffs won't change with a "wildcard". 57% of the teams will be in the Playoffs in 7-team Conferences, and 50% of the teams will be in the Playoffs in 8-team Conferences.

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