Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers/Canadiens 2/23/2013
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02-24-2013, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
I come in peace.
you think it's bad now? think if you had not had the GIFT of RMaC from the Habs, that the Rangers still Gomez and the total hurt he put on the Habs in the last years.
If the Habs can go from last to first in one year you can do it too.
no more crazy coach, no more prima donna players. Don't sell players like Prust short, every team needs them. never sell off your draft picks.
get a real top end guy scout that can pick sure fire talent.
Protect your young players from the evil of MONEY AND "GIRLS" AND VICE. They need a father figure to bunk with and the keep them on the right path. Hire a PRO head shrinker to help those that are down on themselves.
All you need to do is stop 1 goal per game or score 1 extra goal per game. It's that close from 15th to 1st.
The Habs have NO superstars. They WERE BAD last year.
Don't like what I say? then YOU explain this years Habs.........
Geee thanks for the pep talk...


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