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02-24-2013, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
I'm fine with relocation to either Seattle or Houston. Relocate away. But not to both places if there's only one team to relocate. And definitely not expansion to either city. Expansion to Canada only should be the premise.

Markham is a cash cow the league needs to exploit. It's just stupid not to.

Kansas City is a big no-go for me, though. St. Louis isn't really stable at present time, so another team in the Midwest makes no sense. The fact the Blues may lose their rivalry with the Wings won't help, either.
Markham over QC works for me as well. But expansion absolutely will not happen to 2 Canadian teams, bank on it. It'll be a US team and a Canadian team. 8/32 (1/4) of the team Canadian. No way US media is allowing any more than that. As long as Seattle or Houston is one of the expansion locations (With the other in line for relo), I don't have a problem with that. Any other market, I agree with you. KC is too unstable a choice, don't even get me started on Vegas. Anything else in the US is too small or terrible demographics.

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