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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
Yes, they were.

It also was a perfect storm not unlike 2008.

Sid out with an injury. Malkin takes team on back. He's killing it. The only things this team needs are (a) two wingers for Sid and (b) a tough veteran defenseman.

In 2008, Shero gave it all up to make it happen. In 2011, Shero stood pat.

I'm sure he tried to do something, and I'm not being sarcastic in saying that. But, he completely struck out. No Plan A. No Plan B. No Plan C. Heck, not even a plan N.

Now, I know there was less certainty with Sid coming back from the concussion than the high ankle sprain, but there was no saying when he'd come back 100% or even if he'd come back 100% in 2008 either.

BTW, lest I forget, that 'Sid coming back will be my best deadline deal' . . . Shero used that exact same line until deadline day 2008 too.
I think it's a little ridiculous to ignore the differences in these two cases. At least with the high ankle sprain there was a pretty defined timeline for Sid's return and at least it was essentially guaranteed that he would be back.

Last season, nobody probably knew for sure if Crosby wouldn't suffer some sort of setback, especially after one failed comeback.

I agree that it was tough seeing Shero stay pat at the deadline, but honestly people are blowing last year's first round loss out of proportion. What I saw was a team that allowed their rival to get under their skin and who then proceeded to play an incredibly undisciplined series. Were there maybe some signs in the regular season of them being sloppy down the stretch but winning anyway? Sure.

But people also like to forget that for a time everybody was all but ceding the Cup to this team last season. I agree that this team probably needs two top six wingers or one really good one to be called the prohibitive favorite heading into the postseason.

But really, the playoffs are a crapshoot more often than not and I don't think that the pessimism I've seen on these boards recently is warranted. All it takes is making it in and hitting stride as the playoffs begin plus a few fortunate occurrences to wind up the Cup champions. LA last year barely made the playoffs last year but dominated everyone they faced. You never know.

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