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02-24-2013, 05:24 PM
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Originally Posted by DegenX View Post
If you really think Rossi should be fired, then don't read his stuff. Unfollow him on Twitter. Don't link to any of his articles. Those hits are counted and used to attract advertisers, which is how they make money.

As for this supposed closeness to Malkin, he's writing a book about him. Kind of a tough spot for Malkin, really. If he doesn't consent to be interviewed, then it becomes an unauthorized biography and those aren't always pretty. Rossi went to Moscow over the summer to interview him. And by Rossi's own account, Malkin used a translator, so I guess that's something right there.

Like I said earlier in the thread, recent history shows Rossi doesn't have an inside scoop. Geno got into a Twitter battle with for writing a story based on a Rossi Tweet the day the lock out ended. said they were quoting Rossi and Malkin said they were quoting bull-*****.

So, yeah, while a concussion hasn't been ruled out, Rossi once again has gone full Rossi. Can't we ban links to his stories like we do for hokeyyyyyyyyyyyyyinsiderrrrrrrrr and that ilk?
I am doing my part: follow most of the hockey writers on twitter except two of them and never ever go to tribune web site, they are awful

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