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02-24-2013, 05:25 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
Bad reason. A rebuild means the youngsters are taking over. Handing them a crutch is not a good thing as they will never learn to dominate on their own. JT's skills are unique and not likely to be passed to another generation. My counter is not a reason to trade him now, but your argument is horrid with regards a real rebuild and as a reason to keep JT. The best argument for keeping him is if he would be gracious in accepting a lesser role like 3c and PP specialist.

The only reason I am on the fence about trading JT now is that the org needs an overhaul in scouting and development until they commit to or accomplish that, wasting a pick is just stupid. Set the direction then fire away with trades. The same reason applies to trading either Marleau or Boyle.
I understand that and will not deny it. But you let go of Jumbo and you can forget the playoffs for a few years. And I want the Sharks to stay competitive. He can carry them till his contract is up.

Either way, I root for the team and not the players. I have followed professional sports for long enough to be able to get over the loss of the players. Getting to attached to a player(s) is a recipe for disaster.

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