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Originally Posted by ThatWasNoAccident View Post
I'm from Rome, NY and I watched several teams fall in Utica like dominoes. I had breakfast at the Harbor Inn in a booth across from Doug Brown of the Devils. I saw the Utica Bulldogs, Blizzard, the Prowlers, the Comets...

Utica is a horrible city with 50% of the inhabitants on welfare. People would be interested in hockey if they didn't have to worry about how to make next month's rent. It's a black hole for hockey. The only hockey that has consistently thrived there is the Utica Pioneer's.
YUP they all failed, and all three had bad underfunded owners. the prospective ownership group is being led by rob eshe (confirmed by wktv news) and one other person (rumor tom clark) and the other rumor is a former AHL owner Frank DuRoss is going to run day to day operations. your right many in utica are on the public dole, but it will not be marketed and aimed at them anyway.its easy for Utica College to thrive when the tickets are basically being given away.

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