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Originally Posted by damacles1156 View Post
I don't know why people bring up Purcell....He plays with probably the Best Shooter in the NHL, also a guy named St. Lou.

If You can't put up points playing with those guys....You don't deserve to put on hockey skates.

Moulson is about the only Guy the Kings should have taken a longer look at.

My personal Beef, Hickey should have stayed. But you can't keep them all.
People bring up Purcell because he's had success since leaving here. I get it, I just don't worry about it much. He was given a good chance here. Honestly, so was Moulson. How many 9th rounders who are cast off get 29 games to prove themselves? Outside of 1st and 2nd round picks, no prospects really get much chance to prove themselves at the pro level. You either make it early, or you don't. Muzzin now is a prime example. He's had 27 career games and people around here want him scratched when Martinez is healthy.

Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
Again, which other NHL team has given away two +60 points players in such a short time.
Again, if you'd ready the very post of mine you are quoting, you'd see Calgary did it with Marc Savard and Martin St. Louis. That's even worse than what LA did, since Savard was NHL proven (which Moulson and Purcell were not) and that Savard and St. Louis turned into high 90-point scorers, which Moulson and Purcell don't seem destined to be.

Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
That will be three anytime soon when Holloway is coming to the NHL.
So says you. I prefer to wait for a guy to play an NHL game before jumping to that conclusion. Plenty of other surefire NHLers did nothing when they finally got the the NHL.

Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
Breaking all kind of records and is 11th in the league in hits as well, you dont see that very often.
All very impressive, but once again, give him an NHL game first before we call him a top 2 line player.

Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
I dont care Detroit lost Quincey on waivers. I dont care Chicago got Sharp from Philly for crap. I already said, that happens. That can happen so now and then, but not three players in a timespan of 3 years.
As I said above, it can happen, and let's stop calling Holloway something he hasn't proven to be.

Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
Than you are doing something wrong. Of course we get to hear the usual stuff that player A is playing with Tavares and player B with Stamkos. The Kings have Kopitar and he's not a scrub.
Does anyone know for sure either played with Kopitar? Especially Moulson

Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
I never had a problem with Purcell because he got a good look. Moulson was ridiculous though, so was Holloway.
I do agree with you on Holloway, I felt he should have got a look. Won't aree on Moulson though, sorry. 29 games is a decent look.

Originally Posted by Frolov 6'3 View Post
On top of that, I would have kept Hickey over Muffin as well.
Most would have.

Originally Posted by KapG View Post
he also set the SEL playoff scoring record last year. He set Skellefteas all time points record this year and the season isn't even done. IIRC he is also 3 assists away from setting the SEL all time assists record.

I think you are underplaying what this guy is doing by saying he is "only" a 60 point sel player. Hell, the guy is likely to break 70 this season seeing as he is sitting at 67 with 4 more games to go I think...
I did not say he is 'only' a 60 point SEL player. I said that's what he is so far. I acknowledge the fact he can be a good NHL player, in fact I think he has a good chance to do so. Unlike Frolov 6'3 though, I'm not going to label him as a 60 point NHLer until he actually is.

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