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02-24-2013, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Patofqc View Post
Remember how Gary looked suicidal when he annouced the move of Atlanta to Winnipeg. He will move a team to Canada only if there is no other option available. Seattle is now in line, so he will go there first.

No way in my lifetime i will see a teamback in Québec City. **** you NHL. Maybe we should start lobying the KHL for a North American division...
if you believe now that the Coyotes can't go to Qc City because of the "new potential alignment ", so you must believe there is no chance that the NHL will expand to any Eastern city in the next years...

Quebec, Markham, Portland etc... They should all cancel any NHL project, right ?...... nah, it doesn't make any sense

There is a WORD for this , Joice would tell you : BELIEVE

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