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Originally Posted by The Wheeled Winger View Post
For those that seem to be of this persuasion, let me ask you why you hold the position: Why is it Detroit's job to be the league's *****? Why does Detroit need to be the team to play out of their time zone and weaken their own ratings and profits by propping up crappier markets? What does it say for those markets if they can't thrive without one team? And why should Detroit be everyone's rival?

It's funny how many non-Wings fans feel entitled to the Wings. Maybe you guys should throw in the towel and become WIngs fans!

The Wings org want to be in the east. They're in the eastern time zone. Their viewers want to see them in the ETZ as it'll be easier for them to watch. Sure, they've got Chicago in the West.. and ultimately more traditional rivals in the east (I personally don't give a rats behind about St. Louis, Nashville, et. al. compared to Toronto, Montreal).

So if its beneficial for the WIngs to move east and the reason for them moving east is lining up with every other team's realignment (playing within or near to their own time zone as much as possible, against traditional rivals) then why shouldn't they, other than other teams/their fans feeling entitled to the Wings and their profits at the expense of the Wings and their fans?

To me, it seems that those arguing that this is selfish of the team because it hurts X team are being a bit hypocritical, as that has been the case for the Wings for the last 15 years. If you have a decent argument against I'm all ears (but only if I do text to speech).
Detroit sees this as their chance.

Toronto saw their chance in 1998, after Quebec and Hartford left the northeast corridor, and especially with the Nordiques going west. Add in the Jets relocating to Phoenix, leaving no 2nd Canadian team(Winnipeg and Toronto were in the Norris together before the Rockies left for NJ), and a new provincial rival in Ottawa, and Toronto went for it. They didn't care what happened to the West. They just wanted out.

The day the Thrashers left for Winnipeg, Detroit has seen it as their chance to get out. If they had to, they would stay in a more central group, as long as they didn't have to go west more than other ETZ teams. However, there's no question Detroit would love to go east. That's their first choice. If there is any way they can do it, they'll do it.

Detroit, or Columbus, make as much sense in a western conference as NY, or Boston, or Montreal, of Philly, etc.

Detroit lived with their situation, and beat pretty much everyone on the ice while doing it. If they are to go east after this season, they've earned it. Columbus just flat out needs it, and should've been in the east from the day they came into the league.

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