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02-24-2013, 06:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Ober View Post
I could not agree more!

I am quite sure Detroit and Columbus would switch their current situation with ANY two Eastern time zone teams (regardless of their current division) that would volunteer to do so.

Any takers...Boston? New York Rangers (could play against O6 Chicago)? Pittsburgh? Didn't think so
Yea, we're looking at you especially, Rangers! You're the largest US market! Just think of how much you could help the NHL grow in the West! Stop being so selfish! Or how about you, Carolina? You're closer to Nashville. Natural rivals! You know you want to travel to Winnipeg and Colorado and watch more games at 9pm while you're at it!

Yea, that's a bunch of ridiculous BS. Markets should stand up on their own merits within their own time zones as much as possible.

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