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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I find pretty much all of these things, and this mindset a result of trying to find someone to blame for losing. It's way to critical over minor moves, that they either couldn't help, or wouldn't have really solved this teams problems.

This team has plenty of wingers. I'll easily take McGinn over Mueller with his injury history. No one was giving up any real assets for Mueller. A team like Florida would only gamble on him for free. There just wasn't much reason to keep him, rather than move forward as an organization and open up a spot for a guy like McGinn. So the asset management argument doesn't hold much water here. He's only been healthy for 17 games anyway.

Same with Flash. He almost had a re-occurance of his blood clot issue playing one game in Colorado last year, so it's pretty clear playing here wasn't a real option. Even if he would have, it would have been very dangerous from the sound of it. Not much the Avs could do.

Liles is a who cares kind of situation. It's obvious they have a need for a puck mover, but apart from looking at things from a shortsighted POV, would having him on the team really solve this team's problems? They had problems when he was here. They wanted to turn the page and open up his spot. They had higher expectations for Elliott and Barrie than they should have, and got a 2nd for him. Now everyone appears to love Barrie, so what's the big deal? Who cares. It was a year off in their rebuild plan. Meanwhile Liles has been scratched like four games in a row for a team with a poor D unit of it's own.

Anderson for Elliott was bad, but clearly no one else wanted him. He had all but packed it in for the rest of the year, and the Avs didn't like that attitude and wouldn't have re-signed him. They have Varly now, so who really cares.

Varly was an overpayment at the time, but it worked so once again, who cares. How is it fair to be critical of him for the moves that didn't work out, and the ones that did? That's what I mean by trying too hard to lay blame on him.

There clearly wasn't an option to make the EJ trade without Shattenkirk. This is nitpicking again IMO. They didn't have any young defenseman of interest, and Barrie and Elliott held very little value at the time. That was the only way to get it done, and to get a 1st back was pretty impressive as well.

You can't say McGinn and Downie were the only good moves. Varly was clearly good, and smaller ones like O'Byrne, Flash, and Mueller worked well for a while too. How many moves do you expect a GM to make? That's a lot over the course of a few years. If he was making any more risky trades, it would be reckless.

It's just an issue of being uber critical, and thinking every move is gonna be perfect. There's gonna be some that don't work out, but he's doing fine patching holes with guys like McGinn and Downie which were great deals, he just needs to find a way to bring in some top level players which is way easier said than done.

He will be judged on his return for O'Reilly though. That likely will define his tenure here, and either get him fired, or earn him praise.
Why is this O'Reilly situation any different? I say we keep rationalizing and apologizing for him.

"No, regardless of the return, what could Sherman do in that situation? You had a player who refused to play for the team, the league was in a shortened season, and everyone was looking at the next season where the salary cap went down, so there were no viable trade partners. Sherman simply had to take ScrubPlayerX, because there was no other choice. It's not Sherman's fault - he's a good GM and did the best he could in a bad situation."


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