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02-24-2013, 06:10 PM
Fix the PP!!
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Originally Posted by FlaPnthrsPunk View Post
Just like the Pens game the other night, I feel like I can't be mad about this loss. We are just not a good team and we lost to two of the best in the league. Goldie said it best towards the end. When a 19 and 20 year old are two of the players giving this team the most impact and effort, you're not going to win games. I think it was his nice way of calling out the guys (i.e. mostly Weiss) whom are a huge reason of where we are at 5-9-4 at the moment.

I'm as big of a Weiss fan as any Panthers fan, but yes sadly I'm at the point where I believe he has to go asap. It's about freaking time that Dineen called him out and benched him throughout most of the 3rd period when he was given the chance to play on the top line earlier. Even if a momentum swing happens after this game, it's just too little, too late. We're pretty much going to have to win 75% of the games remaining to realistically think about playoffs. This season is going to go down as a dark one, but at least it's a transition one and knows where we stand to improve in with the bright future that we hope to have.
Like this post!! Id say we would have to win 20 out of our remaining 30 to even come close. That doesn't look possible now or even when we are fully healthy. I think it was Pierre Mcguire who said it but he said our situation is alot like Tampa's last couple years. Same can be said for Chicago and LA.

The year Tampa pushed to the Conference finals which is a better version of our playoff run last year. Then Tampa missed the playoffs last year which looks like it will happen with us and now you have Tampa this year the league's best offensive team and a good pick to make the playoffs and push again. I feel we are 2 years away from being a contender. My patience is starting to be consumed by a small form of frustration and humiliation. We've suffered long enough for a consistent contender.

Markstrom, Shore, Hubber, Guds, Kulikov and hopefully Mueller will be back and Bjugstad, Petro, Robak, Howden and others will transition in. We will be a bubble team next year as well until our future develops. I just cry a bit seeing how much Weiss, Kuba, Jovo, Santo, Upshall and Bergy add up too and theyre either injured or not peforming to what we need. I'm guessing it's probably close to $20million.

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