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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Why are we are a "choir" because we don't think Eller should play on the 4th line and that we don't think he is a scrub who has no potential?

The thing is, Eller is young. He's what 23? He's only in his 3rd nhl season. He improved leaps and bounds in his second year compared to his first (and he looks to be progressing well from the last year). He had good production last season despite getting zero PP time and despite not playing with quality wingers. The numbers and actually watching the game shows he's a good puck possession player. His defensive capabilities are quite high for his age. Lastly, every single time he plays with quality linemmates (which seldom happens), he shows signs of untapped offensive potential.

So the question is, why wouldn't you defend a player against attacks regarding his potential? I have yet to see a post that says Eller will be a 1st line player or that he should be the team's #1 center, so I don't see how we can be overrating him. I do see many people saying that he shouldn't be a 4th line centre, because let's face it, he just shouldn't be, his talent is far superior to a 4th line centre.

Given the depth of the team this year, people just want him to play with quality wingers, which is not that big a demand since he doesn't have to play on the "top two" lines to play with quality players this year. I really don't see this as a big demand or an overrating of Eller. I don't see how saying any player has intriguing potential is overrating someone. What is absurd though are those who dismissing his potential out right, who refuse to see his progression, who jump on him after 1 bad game out of 12 good ones and who want him moved. That's what's absurd.

There's no doubt that right now Eller deserves to be in the role he is currently in..aka...two-way centre playing with quality wingers. Whether or not he reaches his potential is another question, but the team needs to give him the opportunities to demoinstrate whether or not he can fulfill that potential. You won't find out having him on the 4th line playing with Moen and Armstrong.
Well, it's obviously impossible to say anything against what you said -- many truths out there.

Three things, though :

+ Lars Eller can possibly end up playing Center on the 4th line, especially if the regular center on that line is scratched, By virtue of the team having only 5 centers at the moment, unless you really want to push it and consider Prust/Armstrong at C. And as we know, White was scratched at some point.

+ Actually, the lower a player is on a depth chart, the better it is for the TEAM... no? I mean, I'd rather have Plekanec as the 2nd line center, or even the third center, than as the first line center. But with this very team, he's the first line center until further notice. I just don't understand why Eller as the be the highest possible on the depth chart. If anything, Eller being low on the depth chart means that we have really, really good depth...

+ Besides, where can he play? Plekanec plays really well since the beginning of the season. DD just started play decent hockey for more than two straight games. Galchenyuk is to be groomed as a center, and thus, must play center; and it's not like he's been bad. Thus, the 4th line spot and a winger spot in the Top-9 remains for Eller. TBH, I missed saturday's game -- did Eller play center?

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