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02-24-2013, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
Hey guys, guess what?! THERE IS NO NEW YORK-BOSTON RIVALRY IN HOCKEY. THERE NEVER HAS BEEN. Stop whining about losing a rivalry that never existed in the first place. This isn't baseball.
This is very true, and not just for the Boston-NYR scenario. Hockey very much has its own traditions and rivalries apart from the other North American sport, due in large part due to the history of the league and Canadian participation (and origination) that is unprecedented in the other major North American sports.

I mean, I can't think of anyone lamenting about how much they miss the epic bouts between the Tigers and Expos... but Habs and Wings? Rocket and Mr. Hockey? **** yea, that's some classic old time hockey right there.

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