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Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
EDIT: And now that I think of it, a herniated disc isn't even an injury. He didn't get hit and suddenly have a herniated disc. It was a problem with his back that needed to be corrected, it was, and now his back's fine.

As a hockey player who's had 7 spine surgeries since 1997 to repair herniated discs I can tell you that there's a very good chance that Bolland's disc issue came from a hockey injury. It didn't have to be a major hit that caused it, herniated discs can happen from even a small amount of contact. You may not even know how/when it happened. My first one I was playing basketball and as I was walking off the court I felt a twinge in my back. Over the course of the next 3 months it got progressively worse until i couldn't even walk or sit in a chair and needed immediate surgery.

I've had other times where i know exactly how it happened, caught a rut in the ice and fell hard on my back once and knew right away I screwed it up.

As much as Bolland plays hockey and with all the contact involved I would guess its about 80% chance it happened in a hockey game, maybe even more.

Its not like he's out laying cement or working in the fields in his spare time.

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