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02-24-2013, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Well, it's obviously impossible to say anything against what you said -- many truths out there.

Three things, though :

+ Lars Eller can possibly end up playing Center on the 4th line, especially if the regular center on that line is scratched, By virtue of the team having only 5 centers at the moment, unless you really want to push it and consider Prust/Armstrong at C. And as we know, White was scratched at some point.

+ Actually, the lower a player is on a depth chart, the better it is for the TEAM... no? I mean, I'd rather have Plekanec as the 2nd line center, or even the third center, than as the first line center. But with this very team, he's the first line center until further notice. I just don't understand why Eller as the be the highest possible on the depth chart. If anything, Eller being low on the depth chart means that we have really, really good depth...

+ Besides, where can he play? Plekanec plays really well since the beginning of the season. DD just started play decent hockey for more than two straight games. Galchenyuk is to be groomed as a center, and thus, must play center; and it's not like he's been bad. Thus, the 4th line spot and a winger spot in the Top-9 remains for Eller. TBH, I missed saturday's game -- did Eller play center?
Because Eller is still developing. Keeping on the 4th line is not exploiting his talents and not allowing him to develop his game, you might hinder growth.

Also you are assuming that having Eller on the 4th line makes the team better overall than having Eller of the 3rd line and a centre at wing. Your also assuming that Eller with quality wingers will be producing less than our other centres.

Too many assumptions to say that the team with Eller on 4th line means they are a good team. Having higher on the depth chart can make the team even better. It provides another scoring threat in the top 9. It means that we don't have 2 centres in the top 9 who need to get soft opposition (desharnais and Galchenyuk). Therrien said yesterday that Galchenyuk was moved back to wing because he is not yet ready for defensive responsibilities.

There are many reasons for keeping Eller in the top 9. Many more reasons that keeping him on the 4th line. On the 4th line means he gets less ice-time, which means he gets less time positively contribute to the team, which he can.

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