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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Because Eller is still developing. Keeping on the 4th line is not exploiting his talents and not allowing him to develop his game, you might hinder growth.

Also you are assuming that having Eller on the 4th line makes the team better overall than having Eller of the 3rd line and a centre at wing. Your also assuming that Eller with quality wingers will be producing less than our other centres.

Too many assumptions to say that the team with Eller on 4th line means they are a good team. Having higher on the depth chart can make the team even better. It provides another scoring threat in the top 9. It means that we don't have 2 centres in the top 9 who need to get soft opposition (desharnais and Galchenyuk). Therrien said yesterday that Galchenyuk was moved back to wing because he is not yet ready for defensive responsibilities.

There are many reasons for keeping Eller in the top 9. Many more reasons that keeping him on the 4th line. On the 4th line means he gets less ice-time, which means he gets less time positively contribute to the team, which he can.
Well, the thing is, the team is also grooming Galchenyuk, so if it comes down to having Galchenyuk or Eller at Center... well, I'd really rather have Galchenyuk to be honest.

The "move back Gally to wing" for now basically opens a Center spot for Eller, so it's kindof a moot point otherwise. If anything, if Gally DOESN'T play center, then Eller does (in the Top-9). That's pretty obvious.

I think you missed my explanation for the depth chart, though... If a player is, say, 4th on the depth chart, it means there are three players ahead of him. Three better players. That 4th guy could be 2nd on a bad team and 7th on a better team. Hence my thesis that the lower a player is on the depth chart, the better it is for the team.

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